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The New Harvest, Living the Science of Mind
“The Greatest Discovery” is our October theme, with most talk titles and many ideas drawn from the works of Leonardo Da Vinci, who left our world 500 years ago this year. The greatest discovery is that inner realm of creative genius available to each of us, where problems clearly point to their solutions, and we reawaken the thrill of the quest for wisdom and understanding. Leonardo asked how the world would be if it could be any way at all. There wasn’t an art or science he didn’t explore, if not absolutely pioneer. To him, the sky was no limit. We are his inheritors, excited to carry his vision further than even he could imagine. Join us for fun and enlightening talks by minister Jesse Jennings Sundays (and Wednesdays except as noted), plus a special Samhain celebration.


9:30 & 11:00am (Sept 15, 11am only)
OCTOBER 6 They Went Out and Made Things Happen
OCTOBER 13 Everything Connects to Everything Else
OCTOBER 20 Forever Walk
with Your Eyes Turned Skyward
OCTOBER 27 (9:30) Samhain Circle
(11:00) A Presence and a Principle
OCTOBER 2 Nature Never Breaks Her Own Laws
OCTOBER 9 He Who Can Copy, Can Do
OCTOBER 16 Ideas are Sleeting, Are We Listening?
speaker minister Lisa Ryan
OCTOBER 23 Mind Moves, Form Follows
speakers, CLC Practioners
OCTOBER 30 Fix Your Course to a Star

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