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Circle and V Symbol

The symbol was devised by our founder, ERNEST HOLMES (1887-1960), who used it to diagram what he meant by the "descent of Spirit into form," or the creative process in the individual. You'll find it on pages 568-574 of The Science of Mind, our main teaching textbook, first published in 1926. As shown above, the circle represents Infinite Mind, or God. Within that infinity is spiritual law. Law is accessed by each of us, first by our conscious awareness. Then we empower some of our thoughts with feeling (the subconscious medium). Thoughts surrounded by feeling become beliefs and our beliefs are creative of our experience of conditions, forms and effects. By developing a new belief in the goodness and givingness of life, each of us can manifest a new way of being in the world: greater happiness, harmony, prosperity, anything we can imagine. Consciously using the Law of Mind toward these ends, we contribute something positive into the collective belief system of all humankind, setting an intention of a higher good for all.

For more on these teachings see our Science of Mind classes

Circle and V Symbol™, registered trademark, United Church of Religious Science, with whom we are affiliated.

Circle and V Symbol

The étagère on the back wall of the stage in our Great Hall with the Circle and V symbol prominently displayed, were designed and created by Creative Life member Don Depperschmidt. We refer to the emblem itself as our "teaching symbol". The symbol can be seen throughout our center in various art forms, created by:

Lanae Ilseng — Fountain
Jaye Barrow — Restroom artwork
Karen Burke — Garden birdbath
Franceska Perot — Stonework
Kathy Martin — Dining hall stained glass
Jane Noble — Watercolors
Lanae Ilseng — Stained glass-Renaissance Festival Shop windows

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